Large Tech "3" Heritage Carryall

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This heritage tech horizontal blue stripe carryall is constructed with mid-weight recycled Mylar Kevlar laminate sail material and is lined with white ripstop nylon spinnaker cloth. It features an interior pocket and 8 plait polyester line spliced in a continuous loop for heavy loads. It is stylish, roomy and durable. Like all of our upcycled product it is individually hand made in Chicago and features one of a kind details.

This particular bag is constructed from post-consumer recycled materials. What does that mean? we recycled a sail that was past the end of it's usable life for a racing sailboat.

Length 15" Depth 6" Height 15"

Materials: Recycled Mylar/Kevlar/carbon sailcloth, recycled ripstop nylon spinnaker cloth, 8 plait polyester rope handle