Sail Cleaning


Sailbrite was developed especially for the purpose of cleaning sails and marine canvases. The Sailbrite cleaning method ensures the safest and best results by washing all sails individually by hand. Each and every sail is carefully inspected and cleaned. Sails are soaked in an agitation tank for 24 hours with mild detergent then each sail is laid out and carefully inspected, hand cleaned and then rinsed. The sails are hung to dry with warm air circulating around them. We do not use harmful commercial laundry equipment like other sail cleaning services. Sailmakers know and trust our service to safely clean sails for them.


The Sailbrite Method:

  • Effectively treats dirt, rust, grease, stains and mildew
  • Whitens and brightens sails
  • Maintains longevity of your sails by removing dirt and grime that absorbs water accelerating fiber degradation in sailcloth.  
  • Is Safe, thorough and economical
  • Provides washing and waterproofing for sailcovers, dodgers, biminis and cushions.
  • Not all stains, mildew and discoloration can be removed. Even when this is the case, sails cleaned using the Sailbrite method are much cleaner than before they are treated. 



Mains    .40
Jibs/Genoas      .30
Spinnakers .25


Sailcovers, Boat Awnings,Biminis, and Cushions   



Under 40’ boat  $125
Over 40’ boat    $140


To obtain the square footage of a sail:
Main: Foot x Luff / 2
Jib: Luff x LP/2
Spinnakers: Luff x 80% foot

Note: Additional $40 per sail for sails with excessive staining or mildew.

Just ship you sails to us at: 

Sailbrite Midwest
2886  South Archer Avenue
Chicago, Il 60608


To drop them off call (312) 437-1304 to arrange a time.