Sail Brokerage We will sell your excess sails for you. Ship them to us and we will evaluate, measure, photograph and appraise the sails. You will get a report with a suggested selling price. If you agree with the evaluation and appraisal we will list the sails on our site. If you don't agree with our appraisal, or if at any time before they sell you decide you need a sail back, we will ship it back to you - you pay the shipping. When the sail sells we will send you a check for the sale price less our commission. We charge a 40% commission. If you like, we will also list the sails on eBay to reach a larger audience. Sails listed and sold on eBay are charged a 50% commission. Please box and ship your sails to us. We recommend using FedEx Ground. They have the best rates and reliable service. Make sure you include a note with your contact information (Phone number, address and email address). Have questions? Give us a call: (312) 437-1304 Or send us a note: