About Us

Sail Resale works with charities, individuals, sail makers and boat dealers to help them re-purpose used sails. Too often good sails end up in landfills. We believe the best form of conservation is reuse. When you give a used sail a new home you have made a choice that has minimal environmental impact - less than purchasing a new sail and even less than recycling a sail. 
When we receive a sail we inspect the sail and catalog the condition, measurements and any information that may be useful to a potential buyer. The sails are then photographed, cataloged. folded and stored in sealed containers in a heated warehouse. Sails that are not fit for resale are up-cycled and used to manufacture bags and accessories. 


Crates of sails ready for resale
We also operate a sail washing service. For the past 30 years sailmakers and individuals from throughout the country have shipped to us sails for cleaning. Our cleaning service utilizes a special process where sails are individually hand washed using techniques developed to get them as clean as possible while preventing damage to the sails. Other services use commercial washing machines and harmful chemicals that damage sails and shorten their useful lives.