Sail Resale works with charities, individuals, sail makers and boat dealers to help them re-purpose used sails. Too often good sails end up in landfills.



Nautical Donations, Inc.

Nautical Donations, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity that supports nautically related non-profits in the greater Chicago area through the sale of donated boats and marine equipment. We solicit the donations of sails and market them for Nautical Donations. Donations are tax deductible and Nautical Donations uses the proceeds to support several worthy charities. Nautical Donations    supports:

Chicago Maritime Society:

 The Chicago Maritime Museum aims to be recognized as a leading authority on waterways and their significance to Chicago and the world in the past, present and future.

Judd Goldman Adaptive Sailing Foundation:

 The JGASF helps the disabled and disadvantaged to achieve self-esteem and independence through sailing. Its mission is realized through a public/private partnership with the Chicago Park District.

Sea Scouts Chicago Area Council #118

The Sea Scouts program goes back to the beginning of the century and provides adventure, training and events for young men and women interested in sailing and the sea.

Chicago Yacht Club Foundation

With over 135 years of experience and a variety of services, the Chicago Yacht Club advances our community’s knowledge, proficiency, and enjoyment of the nautical arts.

Columbia’s Chester Kuttner Foundation

The Chester Kuttner Foundation fosters, encourages and supports competitive sailing on a local, regional and national level, and advances the education and training of youth in the sport of sailing.

Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation

LMSRF promotes sail racing competition on Lake Michigan for Offshore, Youth, and One Design sailors and provides racing information through newsletters, e-mails and their website.

Sails for Sustenance:

We also serve as a collection point for Sails for Sustenance, a charity dedicated to recycling sails donated in the U.S. by providing them to subsistence fishermen of Haiti.


We help individuals sell sails that are no longer needed. Often sailors replace perfectly good sails to improve performance or for simply ascetic reasons. Sometimes they end up with a garage full of sails long after a boat is sold. We can market and sell your used sails for you, providing a little income and often some much needed storage space. If you have some sails you no longer need, contact us and see what we can do for you.

Sail Makers

Sail makers are in the business of selling new sails. They often end up with used sails from repairs that were never picked up, or from customers who did not want their old sails after a new suit was delivered. Occasionally they build brand new sails and the customer sells the boat. Sometimes they just make a mistake. For whatever reason, sail makers are usually sitting on a pile on used sails they want to get rid of. We clear them out of their loft, catalog them, and store them in our warehouse while they are for sale. You get a great deal, we sell some sails and the sail makers can concentrate on selling new sails.

Boat Dealers

Many new boats come with a stock suit of sails. A boat may ship from Europe with sails as part of the included inventory. Often a buyer will want to upgrade their new boats with higher quality sails or sails from a local loft. The dealer is left with a stock set of new sails.