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Our sails come from several sources: individuals, charities, sail makers and boat dealers. We inspect, measure, and photograph each sail. The information is entered into our database and we market the sails via several channels. Once the sails are inspected we store them in covered bins in a heated storage facility. We try to be as accurate as possible in our descriptions however, once in a while, we may miss something. If that happens, just let us know and we will make it right. If for any reason you do not want the sail, just ship it back within two weeks of receiving it and we will issue a refund for the full purchase price.


Measurements are listed in feet and tenths of a foot. Our measurements are close but sometimes may be off by an inch or two.


We try and capture the condition of the sail with an overall view and pictures of details including any damage or special features of the sail

Sail Cloth Weight:

It is very difficult to determine the exact cloth weight of a used jib or main sail. When the exact weight is known (listed on the bag or reported by the seller) we will list it. Otherwise, we will list a general weight (Light, Medium or Heavy). For spinnakers the weight is often listed on the bag. If not we will estimate the weight.


Condition is a very subjective thing. We use the scale below so we can be as consistent as possible with our grading criteria.

  • New: This is a sail that is unused. The most common source for these sails is boat dealers and sail makers. Often a dealer will order a stock boat with sails and the buyer will upgrade to custom sails from their local sail makers. Sometimes a customer at a sail maker will order sails and never pick them up. These sails are a great bargain.
  • Excellent: These sails are used but in great condition. The cloth is crisp with no tears or delamination. Occasionally there will be minor professional repair. Sails will be clean, the stitching will be tight and all of the hardware in excellent condition.
  • Good: These sails are decent sails with years of life in them. Sometimes they may need cleaning or have a small stain or two. This will be noted in the listing. The cloth will be a little softer than a New sail but still crisp with no tears or delamination. The Stitching is tight but may show minor fraying or wear in places.
  • Fair: These are typically older sails in usable condition with plenty of life still in them. They may be yellowed and have staining or need cleaning. There will be no tears and any repairs will be noted and photographed. The cloth is a little softer and the stitching may be frayed in spots. Sometimes there may be minor delamination.
  • Poor: These are typically older sails in usable condition. They may be dirty, stained or yellowed. Occasionally they will need a repair that will be documented and noted in the listing. They often have repairs and the cloth is usually soft but sound. They may have some delamination but this will be limited to a small area. Sometimes these are newer sails that have extensive repairs. These are often purchased for practice or delivery sails.