Heritage "26" 3 in 1 Backpack, Shoulder Bag & Carryall

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This heritage 3 in 1 backpack, shoulder bag and carryall is as versatile is it is stylish. Pull the double braid rope handles through the grommets to wear it over your shoulders as a backpack or just pull the rope to the top to use it as a shoulder bag or a carryall. The heavy duty marine closure keeps your belongings save and secure inside. An organizer pocket keeps your kees and phone handy and always accessible. The Sunbrella bottom is tough and durable. This particular bag is constructed from post-consumer recycled materials. What does that mean? we recycled a sail that was past the end of it's usable life for a racing sailboat.

Length 9" Depth 8" Height 14"

Materials: Recycled Mylar/Kevlar Carbon sailcloth, recycled ripstop nylon spinnaker cloth, Sunbrella & double braid polyester